Vet Hospital Port Shepstone now accepts Zapper payments

Vet Hospital Port Shepstone now accepts Zapper payments
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As of June 2017, Vet Hospital Port Shepstone is also accepting payments made by Zapper™.

Zapper is a mobile app on your smart phone that makes payments quick, simple and secure. Details about the transaction are stored in a unique QR code. It is already used by many businesses, like taxis, restaurants, doctors’ rooms, veterinarians, municipalities etc.

How Zapper works

When you find a Zapper QR Code, scan it with the Zapper app and confirm the amount to be paid. Your payment card details are stored on your phone using secure encryption. The Zapper app can be downloaded from the Apple Store, Windows Store and Google Play Store, and is easy to install and set up. Payments are easy, convenient and safe.

About the author
About the author
Vet Hospital Port Shepstone is a private, small animal hospital with extensive surgery, diagnostic & consulting facilities. We also have an animal pharmacy for dispensing medication and an on-site vet shop.
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