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F10 antiseptic skin wipes
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F10 Antiseptic Skin Wipes are multipurpose, biodegradable, individually wrapped cleansing wipes impregnated with F10 Skin Prep solution. They therefore deliver high levels of disinfection whilst being gentle enough for everyday use.

F10 Antiseptic Skin Wipes are available from from Vet Hospital Port Shepstone or at a reduced price from our online vet shop.


Due to the F10 core actives, the wipes are broad-spectrum and are effective against bacteria, fungi and viruses. The wipes can be used to clean, and effectively and safely prevent or treat, skin infections in areas that are difficult to access (e.g. skin folds, between the ears, around the eyes as well as the ear canals). They are also ideal for the cleaning and sanitising of hands, and the wiping, cleaning and disinfection of touch areas e.g. telephones, keyboards, shopping trolleys, toilet seats.

Maltese dog with tear stains
Maltese with red eye stains, which can be cleaned with F10 Antiseptic Skin Wipes. Lmcelhiney (CC BY-SA 4.0)

Active ingredients

Quaternary ammonium and biguanidine (0.05%), non-toxic ampholytic surfactants, sequesterants and alcohol impregnated into a single usable disposable wipe. Safe for all pets. For external animal use only.


F10 Antiseptic Skin Wipes are available from veterinarians, including Vet Hospital Port Shepstone, and are sold in boxes containing 20 individually wrapped wipes. The attractive box can be opened to access individual wipes with ease.

F10 also has a wide range of other disinfectant products that are both safe and effective to use.

F10 product range
F10 has a wide range of products including wipes, hand soaps, sprays and contact cleaners and these are safe and effective to use with most pets.
F10 Antiseptic Skin Wipes are available from from Vet Hospital Port Shepstone or at a reduced price from our online vet shop.
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