Hill’s Pet Nutrition – market leaders in veterinary nutrition for dogs and cats

Hill's Scientific Diets

Founded more than 75 years ago with an unwavering commitment to pet nutrition, the mission of Hill’s is to help enrich and lengthen the special relationships between people and their pets.

The right nutrition combined with the devotion of veterinary professionals can transform the lives of pets, and healthier, happier pets can transform the lives of owners. All Hill’s foods are made with high-quality ingredients from trusted partners and exceed industry standards for purity and nutrient content.

Hill’s is dedicated to pioneering research and groundbreaking nutrition for dogs and cats based on a scientific understanding of their specific needs. Hill’s Prescription Diet dietetic pet foods, Hill’s Science Plan and Hill’s Ideal Balance wellness pet foods are sold at Vet Hospital Port Shepstone and through other veterinarians and vet specialty retailers worldwide.

100% satisfaction guaranteed

Hill's 100% satisfaction guarantee

Hill’s is so confident that your pet will enjoy their diet foods that they offer you a 100% money-back guarantee – so you can feed Hill’s diets with peace of mind. Satisfaction is also rated on quality, consistency and taste.

Hill’s Science Plan – the recipe for a better life

Hill's Sceience Plan

Hill’s Science Plan is made with the finest high-quality natural ingredients. Kibble shapes and sizes are designed for different life stages and breed sizes.

Hill's Sceience Plan range for dogs and cats
Hill’s Science Plan offers an extensive age specific and breed size specific diets catering for all dogs and cats.

Hill’s knows how important it is for you to see your dog enjoying his food, which is why they are continuously improving their formula – but still with 100% of what pets need and 0% of what they don’t.

Hill’s Science Plan pet food is only available from veterinarians and vet specialty retailers.

Hill’s Prescription Diets – clinically proven nutrition for dogs & cats

Hills Prescription Diet

If your pet is ill, Hill’s Prescription Diet offers a broad range of clinically proven nutrition to help alleviate your pets’ most important health concerns. At Hill’s, they aim to enrich the special bond you have with your pet alongside the relationship that is so important between you, your vet and your pet.

Hills Prescription Diet range

The range includes tasty dry and canned nutrition to help aid a range of diseases such as urinary conditions, dermatology problems, renal disease, mobility issues, gastro-intestinal disease and obesity.

Hill’s Prescription Diet pet food can only be prescribed by veterinarians. It is vets’ number one choice for the management of sick and at-risk pets.

Hill’s Ideal Balance – packed with delicious natural ingredients

Hill's Ideal Balance

Hill’s Ideal Balance is prepared with love, care, and attention – because pets are family too. Hill’s team of pet nutritionists use natural ingredients to create recipes with optimal levels of more than 50 nutrients, providing the perfect balance of nutrition for your pet’s health — nothing more, nothing less.

Hill's Ideal Balance range for dogs and cats

Hill’s do not translate human food fads, like Banting or high protein, into their dog food. Their evidenced-based research guides the formulation of all their foods, so that you know you really are doing the best for your pet.

For more information about Hill’s, their products and their nutritional philosophy, visit them at www.HillsPet.co.za or for product availability speak to your family veterinarian or front staff.

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About the author
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