Rogz Pet Insurance

Rogz Pet Insurance
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Rogz Pet Insurance helps you pay your pet’s veterinary bills so you never have to choose between your pet’s health and your personal finances. With increasing veterinary costs and advancement in veterinary care, pet insurance is an option more owners are considering. As pet owners, they know that you expect medical insurance for your pet to match the insurance you have in place for you and your family.

Rogz Pet Insurance covers veterinary treatments and surgeries for accidental injury and illnesses ranging from minor problems such as ear infections and bee stings, to major conditions such as broken bones, diabetes and cancer. They also provide routine care cover option which contributes towards preventative care such as vaccinations, spaying, and flea, tick and worm control, and teeth cleaning procedures. Rogz Pet Insurance promotes responsible pet ownership and recommends cat and dog sterilisations. Any veterinary practice of choice can be used.

Rogz Pet Insurance does not cover pre-existing, congenital, genetic and pregnancy-related problems. Because Rogz Pet Insurance deals directly with the policy holder and not the veterinary practice, the medical bill as between the client and veterinary practice is to be settled by the client. Rogz will then compensate the policy holder after the claim has been processed.

For option plans, coverage, a quote or application visit the Rogz Pet Insurance website or call 0860 00 ROGZ (0860 00 7649) today.

Rogz Pet Insurance is underwritten by The Hollard Insurance Company Ltd, an authorised financial services provider. Rogz Pet Insurance is administered by PetSure (Pty) Ltd., an authorised financial services provider.

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About the author
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