About Vet Hospital Port Shepstone

Last updated 4 June 2017

Vet Hospital Port Shepstone is an established, privately owned companion animal hospital, approved and registered by the South African Veterinary Council (SAVC). We offer friendly, but professional, committed veterinary advice and health care solutions to the public and our patients.

Established more than 30 years ago, Vet Hospital Port Shepstone boasts with thousands of happy, satisfied clients and their pets.

The veterinary hospital premises, situated in the main road of Port Shepstone, is equipped with a friendly reception and vet shop front area, a consultation room, patient preparation area, dedicated, fully equipped theater, plenty of ICU and hospital cages, a pet incubator, a laboratory area, specialised animal pharmacy, an admin office, a courtyard for larger temporary patients, an animal bath and a washing room. Our animal hospital also has radiography and extensive laboratory facilities.

Our mission is to serve clients to the best of our knowledge, ability, equipment limitations and ethical principles and to the best within their financial limits.

Our vision is to create a professional, helpful and friendly service environment.

Our current team consist of one registered veterinarian, Dr Renier Delport, his personal assistant Charmaine, our reception and sale assistant ladies, Gail and Li-Ann, our pet nurse Veronica. Our supporting staff includes Virginia as cleaning lady.

Vet Hospital Port Shepstone and the veterinarians are registered with the Institute Of Veterinary Practice Development and the South African Veterinary Association.

We at Vet Hospital Port Shepstone believe that pets should be part of our families and therefore they should be valued for their contributions to the family life. As times are changing, our quality of life also changes, for the better or for the worse, but a well behaved, well looked after and loved pet will always devote all its attention towards the caretaker.

As a child I once accidentally loaded my pet dog ‘Casper’ into the boot of my parents’ car as I was loading my schoolbag. We drove all the way to school and after I opened the boot, he was sitting there, wagging his tail and still extremely happy to see me. Try that with any other family member…

– Renier Delport

Some people say their pets complete them, some say they are their best friends and some are protectors. Whatever the case, pets play a significant role in our modern lives.We at Vet Hospital Port Shepstone aim to play a significant role in the relationship you have with your pet(s), whether it’s for necessary medical care, nutrition, preventative medicine, toys or advice.

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