Healthy Happy Pets Program

Last updated 13 June 2017
Vet Hospital Port Shepstone Healthy Happy Pets Program

As of 14 March 2016, Vet Hospital Port Shepstone is proud to present our Healthy Happy Pets Program to our clients and their pets. The Healthy Happy Pet program is a loyalty program where all recurring clients will receive rewards.

The main reward is a discount on your next bill, equivalent to 2.5% of your current bill when settled on the date of the invoice. Reward points will be communicated to clients at each visit, where they will have the option to claim them. The most recently earned points will only be available at your next visit and all rewards will not be applied where previous bills have not been paid.

We are working closely with our software developers (Libralex) to make this program more flexible and more advantageous to our loyal clients.

All new clients have added automatically to the system and our database of more than 6 000 clients will be automatically upgraded. The discount points are calculated and managed automatically by our veterinary management software, so there is no need to enquire or mention anything at your next visit to the practice. Your discount will be visible on each invoice you receive.

Although we will do everything in our power to adhere to what is promised, we reserve the right not to act upon any faults that might happen on the system. Because this is a courtesy program, we also reserve the right to discontinue the service for any client or program in its entirety.

The Vet Hospital Healthy Happy Pets program is just one more way we try to reduce the costs of our pet-related services and products.

Happy Healthy Pets Program – because a healthy pet is a happy pet.

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