Vaccination services

Vaccination services at Vet Hospital Port Shepstone

For first-time pet owners, everything has to start somewhere. Your puppy or kitten-veterinarian relationship starts with vaccinations. Apart from meeting your family veterinarian, puppy/kitten vaccinations are the first step in protecting the newest member of your family against the dreaded vaccine-preventable diseases.

For older pets, vaccinations are the best way to maintain this protection and to have your pet checked out at least once a year for problems you might not be aware of yet.

We at Vet Hospital Port Shepstone are here to help.

For your puppy or kitten’s first vaccination or to make sure all their relevant vaccinations are up to date, please phone our reception for enquiries on 039 682 2433.

The vaccination consultation

The attending veterinarian will recommend the best vaccination protocol in the Port Shepstone area for your pet. During the vaccination consult, owners are also encouraged to ask questions and discuss current and potential problems they might have.

During the initial puppy / kitten vaccination consultations, things like sterilisation, deworming, tick and flea control, permanent pet identification and  pet medical insurance will be discussed. We at Vet Hospital Port Shepstone also try to be proactive by warning owners about potential problems their breed might have in the future and give suggestions on how to prevent them. Because the first vaccination consultation can sometimes be overwhelming, your will be given written information in the form of a letter about these very important aspects.

Vaccination Tuesdays

Vet Hospital Port Shepstone offers a 10% discount on the vaccination service fees on Tuesdays. Appointment essential. Terms & Conditions apply.

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