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Last updated 15 June 2018

Vet Hospital Port Shepstone is a privately-owned veterinary hospital, registered with the SAVC. We have no affiliation with the SPCA or the state veterinary department. This institute is not subsidised by any means.

To maintain a world-class professional environment and the high standards envisioned by the owners of this institute, we are bound to the laws, rules and regulations set out by the South African Veterinary Council (SAVC) and the South African Veterinary Association (SAVA). For this to be realised, we charge fair but professional service fees for all the knowledge, effort, time and experience the veterinary, nursing and supporting staff have to offer and the expenses incurred whilst doing so.

Please take the time to familiarise yourself with Vet Hospital Port Shepstone’s financial policy & related billing enquiries.

Costs, quotes & cost estimates

Please make yourself aware of the possible extent of the bill, especially when your pet is hospitalised. We focus on getting your pet well and not on finances incurred. It is the client’s responsibility to enquire about the possible costs.

Where possible, a treatment plan will be discussed with the client. Also, where possible, quotes can be calculated for less complex / shorter cases. Cost estimates can be given for more complex / longer cases. Except for routine procedures (e.g. sterilisations), cost estimates will only be given by the attending veterinarian on presentation of the pet patient for a consultation.

Medical insurance

Vet Hospital Port Shepstone endorses all South African pet medical insurance policies. Because most pet medical insurance companies compensate the client / policy holder, and not the veterinary practice, Vet Hospital Port Shepstone does not deal directly with pet medical insurance claims (apart from completing the required medical history and invoice details on the claim form). It is the responsibility of the client to settle the veterinary bill in full and to claim back from the medical insurance company.

Loyalty program

We have an automated Healthy Happy Pets loyalty program for recurring clients. The main reward is a discount on your next bill to the value of 2.5% of your current bill when settled on the date of invoice. Reward points will be communicated at each visit where you will have the option to claim them. The most recently earned points will only be available at the next visit and all rewards will not be applied where previous bills have not been paid. When the loyalty program was launched, all existing clients were automatically added and new clients are added upon opening a file. We reserve the right to remove clients from this program without prior notice.

Pensioners’ discount

We offer a 5% ‘service fee’ discount for pensioners. This does not include the prices of products. Discount will not be given for subsidised procedures such as sterilisations and dental scale procedures. Approval and registration is subject to discretion of the attending veterinarian.

Accounts & payments

By law, this hospital (and any other non-registered authorised credit providing entity) is not allowed to grant any credit or accounts (National Credit Act – Act 34 of 2005). Upfront deposits may be required and full settlement of the outstanding bill is expected at the time when hospital treatment has ceased.

A fully itemised VAT invoice will be issued upon settlement. External financial assistance, in the form of a short term loan or clearance on your credit card, should be organised upfront with your desired credit provider.

We accept cash, Visa, Mastercard and American Express credit cards (budget & straight) and debit cards as means of payment. Electronic Fund Transfers (EFTs) can also be made upon prior arrangement and approval.

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