Dog Box Training School

Dog Box Training School
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Dog Box Training School, situated in Umtentweni, KZN, South Africa, offers behaviour modification, impulse control, clicker training, obedience, brain stimulation, phobia prevention, and an understanding of dog language, among other services, and incorporates a Eukanuba Puppy School.

Dog Box Training School puppy training
Some of the activities in puppy training.

Only positive training methods are used, as their goal in training is to nurture a loving bond consisting of mutual respect and trust. Puppies are not put through any equipment which could compromise their future health. Health monitoring and first aid are included in the puppy course. Except for socialisation, the lessons are one-on-one because each dog is treated as an individual.

More about the teacher – Susan Henderson

Susan Henderson began an intensive and wide-ranging study of animal behaviour fifteen years ago. She has over ten years experience as a dog trainer but remains staunchly independent, creative and innovative in her intuitive approach, which treats each dog as an individual.

Susan Henderson
Susan Henderson with her dog Shenanigan.

Susan is a trainer and behaviour consultant working with veterinarians and for animal welfare organisations. She has acted as an agility judge and is an innovator in distance agility.

Her articles on dog behaviour and training have appeared in print and on the internet. Her library contains one of the largest collections in South Africa of reference works on dog behaviour and training.

Susan has also transcribed and produced theatrical works using dogs as the main actors. Her latest adaptation is “The Sound of Barking” with a novel re-writing of the Rogers and Hammerstein lyrics incorporating both training principles and humour, all portrayed by the dogs in the cast. She has presented these musicals as well as demonstrations illustrating dog skills and intelligence in aid of animal welfare organisations.

Susan’s time away from training and studying dog behaviour is spent painting and with classical music at the piano.

See the official Dog Box Training School website here.

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