Medipet cat and dog veterinary insurance

Medipet Dog & Cat Pet Insurance
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Medipet Cat & Dog Veterinary Insurance is a short-term pet insurance company offering “the very best veterinary insurance from South Africa’s largest pet broker at affordable rates”.

Medipet not only offers its policy holders peace of mind, but also promises prompt payments (within 15 working days), various cover options, comprehensive and adequate cover (up to R35 000 per pet per annum) and friendly service for only a small amount per month.

Medipet also offers boarding fees, lost pet advertising reward, theft cover, third party claims, death payout, multi-pet discounts, prescription food, dental treatment and no sub-limits or breed exclusions. Medipet will also reward a dog for catching burglars! Pet from eight weeks old can be insured. Any veterinary practice of choice can be used.

Medipet does not cover:

  • Pre-existing conditions or any condition relating to a pre-existing condition.
  • Routine care: spaying, neutering, defleaing, deworming and vaccinations.
  • Non-indicated cosmetic procedures.
  • Pregnancy, breeding and any related treatment or complications.
  • Congenital defects (these are present at birth).
  • Conditions arising from the lack of care such as vaccine-preventable diseases and worm-related conditions.

Because Medipet deals directly with the policy holder and not the veterinary practice, the medical bill as between client and veterinary practice are to be settled by the client. MediPet will then compensate the policy holder after the claim has been processed.

For prices, policy options, coverage and application visit the Medipet website or phone 0800 MEDIPET (0800 633 4738) today.

Medipet cat and dog veterinary insurance is a short-term health insurance policy for pets – not a medical aid scheme – and is underwritten by Renasa Insurance Company Limited.

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About the author
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